Back in the early eighties, people used to talk about positive visualisation. When I say ‘people’, I really mean hippies, new-agers and other impossibly positive and cheese-cloth bedecked folk. And when I say ‘talk about’ I really mean ‘crap on endlessly’. Anyway, what they were on about was a form of cargo cult whereby one could manifest the things one wanted in life – money, material things, partners – by thinking about them positively.

Also, one was supposed to ‘put it out there’ and, while I don’t entirely discount the power of positive thinking, I think it was this aspect of positive visualisation that actually made some sense, not so much ‘think it and it will come’ as ‘tell everyone about it and you might get lucky’.

Thus it is, as our hour of eviction from the house in Reid where we have lived so happily for the last five years looms uncomfortably near, that we are ‘putting it out there’ that we need a house to rent somewhere in the inner north of Canberra. Ideally it’d be close to Civic, on a block big enough to host the Backanalia, with a large shed, 2-4 bedrooms (at around $150 per room) and have a separate lounge/rumpus/studio large enough to host podcasts (around 5×4 metres is adequate).

There it is. Out there. Visualising positively now.

2 Responses to “Homelessnessness”

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  2. Ouch! Nothing more soul destroying than moving, cept having one’s lover shack up elsewhere.