a new year’s message from our Wagga correspondent, Suzie.

Who knocked over a tinny at Chrissie?
The postie only has one a year, aren”t they good?
Who gave up something?
Who took up something new?
Who took up something old?

Who”s been to Centrelink more than 12 times in six months?
Need a new year”s resolution for Centrelink, anyone got one?
Who scored last year? Yow baby?
Who”s getting the baby bonus? Yow baby!

Who likes George, the one in charge of America that”s Johnny”s mate?
Wonder if they got a Chrissie card from each other?
Who endures and savors the moments of that wondrous day when a foreigner”s footstep ripples throughout a continent creating a murderous rampage of death and destruction across a land that was preserved pristinely & preciously maintained for thousands, thousands, thousand of years?

How”s the weather anyway today? Friggin HOT. What would we do without it? No one would whine!
Oh drought, drought, drought, no. It”s wild weather.
Did ya hear about the one that got away?

Has any one seen my old friend Karen, she lives in Canberra?
Any one else got a friend name Karen?
Who got a friend name Steven? Not me, I don”t know where he lives

What”s good about the Black Mountain Tower? Why it called black? Let”s make a call. Lets get connected. Ok try again next year.

Ever seen the 5 o”clock wave at Wagga Wagga Beach. It’s a “phenomena”.

Merry Chrissie and I know I”m going have a great 2008

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