CHIFFON #68. Fishy Business



Hail to Australia”s new Australian of the Year, truly a clever choice. To those who don”t know this gentleman it must seem as if they have chosen an American rodeo rider or a Johnny Cash impersonator. This is the image you see: a black Stetson-type/ten gallon hat (and preciously perched) atop a man who seriously believes that horses, not camels nor oxen, opened up this country.

And there are farmers still in strife after two hundred years of shameful agricultural practices (no wonder) that really could do with a hand so people like this cowboy can moo about them and the drought and the confusion that exists amongst cowboys and their urges, and who is on top.

I was asking a question the other day regarding fish oil. If fish are being ground up for their oil what then happens to the fish (meat), could it be that it is manufactured into fish fingers and fish portions and sold throughout our supermarkets, It seems like a typical business practice and quite plausible but have you ever gone to the supermarket and thought ‘I will buy fish as it is good for you’ and if that is the case do you ever wonder about the (fish oil) content of fish fingers?

Saturday night I was fortunate enough, only because I know the best people, to spend it at a friend’s music venue and I tell you if you have not had Melbourne bands (tasteful) in your backyard along with a myriad of other performers backed by full orchestras and food and drinks as well as two hundred of your friends who love you, you are not living the way Chiffon lives and I so often hear people (or maybe clones) whinge there is nothing to do and Canberra does not have a night light. Well fuccckkkkk you!

Luff Chiffon xxx

One Response to “CHIFFON #68. Fishy Business”

  1. “I will buy fish as it is good for you”, and “fish fingers”, really really must be mutually exclusive thoughts.

    I clearly recall the days when ‘SAFCOL’ was a brand name for the South Australian Fisherman’s Co-Op.
    Now I study their cans in the supermarket vainly searching for ‘Product Of Australia’.

    We have more shore than anybody else in the world and we export all the good fish. fer chrissakes.