Brick Bats and Cheesecake

One of our neighbours from over the back fence just dropped by with half a cheesecake as a thankyou for the music last Saturday. She was having a party in her yard that night and the Backyard Backanalia apparently provided a lovely aural backdrop. This was in stark contrast to Angry Neighbour from three doors down who made a brief cameo appearance at around 1 AM, fronting up to poor Alice Cottee in the middle of a quiet solo number and abusing her.

They (he and his pretty but venomous wife) passed by yesterday as we were unloading from a gig at Olims, making some snide remark but unwilling to stop and have a reasonable talk about it. As they disappeared down the street I yelled out that it was the last Backanalia we’d be putting on there and that we were moving out this week. She did a little victory dance.

Besides Angry Neighbour’s lack of social skills, the community hereabouts has been remarkably tolerant of our occasional debauches – just one official noise complaint in our five years here. The people next door, a gentile older couple with an immaculate lawn, have been quite sweet about things. They cop the main brunt of the p.a. and only a couple of times have they come by to meekly suggest we could turn it down, and that only when we’ve gone well over the usual end time of 11pm.

Who knows how it will turn out in the new place. The next Backanalia is in just over three weeks and the main concern, besides whether we can move all this stuff, get settled, and get the show ready by then, is how the new neighbours are going to tolerate our rather unusual behaviour. Not just the Backanalias, but the podcasting, the band practices, the endless stream of visitors, the impromptu jams, the recording sessions and the occasional outbreaks of spontaneous nudity.

On our side, I believe, is that most of the noise we make is pleasant, not too loud, and interspersed with laughter and jolity. We are a happy house with seldom a voice raised in anger. All of that may be annoying to some surly curmudgeons like Angry Neighbour, but I hope that most people will enjoy our presence and maybe even join us. Unfortunately it only takes one complainee to bugger things up…

This week’s all packing and moving, a task we anticipate with all the enthusiasm of a cat at bathtime. The big move’s on Saturday if anyone wants to lend a hand.

4 Responses to “Brick Bats and Cheesecake”

  1. Well I can’t lend a hand but I will say thank you for the Bachanalia on Saturday. Good atmo, good people, good music, good god what have I been missing.

    And by the time I figured out who you were you were doing your set and I lost you after that, which is why I didn’t introduce myself.

    Had to leave at 11 as well which sucked, Phil et. al. looked to be really good but I only caught the first song.

  2. No longer a Backanalia virgin RG. How did the card games go?

  3. HA! That was just an ‘in case’ for people I was inviting to come with me. Who piked. So I got to enjoy the show without the encumbrance of other peoples taste.

  4. As your neighbours from over the way, we are very sorry to see you and the great tradition of Backyard Bachanalia go. A sad day for Euree St.