Canberra’s outfit THE LENDERS join us on 29 Nov for IB 31 and bring us lots of their songs, both live studio and cd tracks (from the CD ‘Wire’) this podcast. The Lenders bake a soulful country pie that just seems to taste right.

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We go over violence at Lenders’ shows (entailing (again) Johnboy getting smacked in the head.) [live song – bowling shoes]

Johnboy again forces reviled filth inducing pre-packaged mixers upon us, consumed while we go through a bit of Lenders’ lineup and recording history. [cd track – why do the good one go too soon?]

Johnboy INVITES YOU TO HIS CHRISTMAS EVE PARTY – email him and come along dressed as a cocktail? We run through our mail (which doesn’t take long), a lovely retro cinematic image which we assemble in front of your EARS! Listen in amazement! [the divide] (listen to that Hammond go!)

Lenders talk about their marketing failures, like not visiting Insatiable Banalities early enough. We talk about and its rich legal disclaimer policy content.

[Electricity] Almost a waltz, Lenders are available for weddings btw… Noted songster Jim Boots nails Tim’s tune and the story he is telling, one songster to another…

Our special (just turned up) guest Master Nemesis talks us thru Tom Cruise’s baby tv, amid much tangential speculation.

[lost weekend] Is it a story of the pointy end of Australia’s Industrial relations ‘reform’ ? (‘reform’ in the same way that the Spanish Inquisition involved intellectual inquiry) Well, no, but it is a melodic, melancholy little number, with a nice bit of harp.

Saudi carpooling – a serious responsibility, but not really a serious discussion given it. More begging for postcards. [queen of the dusty sky]. This tune leads to a shocking expose on the Lenders’ marital status! followed by some involved commentary on Singapore scientists’ cyber hugs research. This quickly degenerates into more filth, (nothing serious can come from a chicken suit), within moments we’ve gone from cutting edge technological research to molesting animals, very troubling. [troubled mind blues]

Next week – a grand unified theory of religion and philosophy, to save all humanity, promise.

Track List:

Bowling Shoes. 2:36
Why do the Good Ones go too Soon? (Wire). 8:07
The Divide. 14:47
Electricity. 20:55
Lost Weekend. 31:25
Queen of the Dusty Sky (Wire). 38:46
Troubled Mind Blues. 47:50

The Lenders: Johnboy and Lender, Luke Hambly.

Kandy A

Master Nemesis and Gertrude

The assembled postcard.

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