CHIFFON #67. Little Monkeys



What the bloody hell! I’m telling you of this amusing little village, a collection of elderly residents living in this charming town of tolerance, Canberra.

As this little block (twenty or so self-contained independent units) is administrated by the housing trust there exists an array of people with foreign cultural backgrounds. It is also interesting too note that each individual operates from their own moulds and no one sees eye to eye, or should I allude to the fact that they all appear to exhibit stereotypes identified within their country.

The two most abled woman, and therefore the two who assert themselves, happen to be English and German. I visit an elderly woman resident of this conglomerate and she lives next door to the German woman and they do not get on and I have heard accusations of fascism, being dictatorial etc. associated with this woman. The English woman, who fusses over her garden of flowers, has a little area with chairs and tables at the rear of her house and has started a little incident not unsimiliar to the cricket kafuffle recently.

Now this woman had her nose put out of joint as her previous neighbor’s empty house was recently occupied by a woman of Indian heritage. Well, out came the language as one asserted herself over the new arrival who retaliated by putting up a fence thereby dividing herself off from the English woman”s perceived problems. This provoked a verbal assault by the English woman. Name calling ensued, photographs have been taken and petitions are circulating, all with a view of some one being able to attract influence with authority over the other.

Between these legends of good behaviour is an elderly gentleman who comes from Zimbabwe. He lives by himself. These ladies don”t ever talk to him. He is dying from stomach cancer. These people seem to behave like world governments, possibly because they think there important as well.

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