Our special guests are Changeable Dan, back from a short hiatus and ready to terrorise the dance floors of live music venues around the Nation’s Capital, a town that singer/guitarist Sandy Meischke compares to Melbourne with the charming simile of a fair compared to a morgue (Canberra being the morgue of course). Also present were the Dan’s manager Bruce Ryan, Katina Curtis and the full cast of regulars.

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The Dan’s contribute no less than seven songs to proceedings, two of which are from their three-song ‘Preview EP’ released in anticipation of a more extensive recording soonish. All other tracks were recorded live in the podcast.

We are pleased, if a little embarrassed, to announce the arrival of our one and only postcard (besides those from friends), this being from Tom Sapienza in Fort Collins, Colorado who asks us to do the whole show in a non-southern American accent, a challenge we fail abysmally.

Track List:

A Little Up and Over. 3:40
There”s Always Something Going On. 11:35
Frantic (Preview). 21:09
Legend of the Sea Pig. 31:26
Less Pants, More Action (Preview). 43:22
Lost My Address. 54:21
T.H.Rowdown. 61:45

Nick Jones (drums) and Sean Smeaton (vox/guitar) and some of Changeable Dan’s many cars.

Sandy Meischke (vocals/guitar), Kandy A and Matt Druhan (bass)

Johnboy and Katina.. that’s enough of that young lady.

Beautiful Fort Collins

The podcast challenge.

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