Podcast 33 – Johnboy, Jim Boots, Kandy A, Gertrude & Sharkie on Black Tuesday.

We don’t have a guest band this week so, unfortunately, we talk a pile of it, but do manage to play some music, and did I mention the witty (drunken) banter (crap)?

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This week mostly about violence and fkwits and, finally, we play some international music to go with some Canberran music.

The show:

Goulburn, City of Roses, bogans. Cronulla, beaches of bogans, fkwits, nothing new, except the media hype with Australia’s recent ethnic violence. We talk some about FUCKWITS, fkwit westies vs fkwit surfies, fkwit draconian government, new laws for Summernats? (Fkwt festival?).

Track- Rory McLeod – ‘God Loves Me’ – Rory does a tounge-in-cheek immitation of a fkwit evangelist hypocrite, just for us.

Christmas story – regualtion of lights in Canberra whats next? Paris Hilton Christmas lights? – J Boots promises to top this next Christmas. Cricket and its links to predisposition of terrorism and violence. Canberra’s dim lighting , and placement, leaves Australia well positioned for future world domination.

Track – Fort Collins’s favorites, the Atoll, and their tune ‘Alias’. We hate Fort Lincoln, and time capsules – Oaklahoma’s folly, we clear up earlier confusion between Fort Collins, Fort Lincoln and Lincolnshire.

Australians – are they racist, pissed, or both? we blame geographic isolation, as have greater minds than us, in significantly more detail.

Track Magic Rob – Rainbow. We apologise to you for playing Magic Rob – a work of such beauty that we are unable to appreciate it. We apologise to Magic Rob for the unkind words about him which we spoke, but seriously, what planet does he think we are on??

Track – Catweasel’s ‘Planet’.

PRODUCT REVIEW – Ozgrab Sports seat drink tray and seat – it holds drinks, and can be sat on, but not at the same time. We make suggestions, innovations for marketing and distribution, understanding and using this unique product.

Track: Jacquie (Sdfgbftyht45v^cb) Seczawa, Thought of Love (CITA 2004). It’s not as poppy as her other stuff, and we gong it (time constraints, no doubt). Elvis of the bird world, the Ivory-Billed woodpecker, IS BACK! And the signs are still up to prove it, in Arkansaw or somewhere.

In turbulent times downunder, we finish on guns, guns, guns, and ask: shall thine commit no murder, or just not kill anyone? We discuss, and finally, end. Another one of our best podcasts, ever.

Track List:

Rory Mcleod, God Loves Me. 6:23
The Atoll, Alias. 19:04
Magic Rob, Rainbow. 32:17
Catweasel, Planet. 42:42
Jackie Seczawa, thought of Love. 54:45

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