INSATIABLE BANALITIES #34. Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens

On this week’s show, the Christmas/New Years special, we are joined by Julia Johnson and Yo (who also plays with Atlatl) from Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens (JDSS), a relatively new Canberra band based around the song writing, singing and guitar playing skills of Julia, a very talented and willowy young woman.

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Julia Johnson

Julia and Yo had the male members of the cast (well me anyway) drooling at their gorgeousness, charm and general sweetness, but in a wistful manner given that they are roughly half our ages (not that that should really be an impediment, should it?) (oh and we have girlfriends already).


The Show

We introduce the young ladies, go straight to a song (Knots in My Hair) which inexplicably reminds Jim of his history as a rhinotillexomaniac and he regales all with details from his research into the subject (fascinating!) leading to a philosophical deconstruction of the song just heard.

Jim accuses JDSS of having country and/or western influences. Julia pleads innocent on the grounds of insanity, adding, by way of a mitigating factor, a passing (and totally platonic) interest in horses. Another song (Wounded Soldiers).

We discuss the relative siren-ness of the band members, Julia herself most resembling our very loose idea of what a siren is and might look like. Xmas and the massive eBay orgy that is expected to ensue as people offload their unwanted presents afterwards.

Julia lusts for Legolas. Kandy A says people should instead forward unwanted presents to PO Box 4332 Hawker, ACT, 2614. JDSS’s missing drummer is exposed as a Mr Michael Latter (who apparently came up with the name and is possibly hoping that the myth that sirens capture men and make love to them all day long will come true for him).

Kandy A and Gertie

JDSS’s instruments all have names (so cute). Song (Let Me Count the Ways). Another song (Did I Say Let Go). Horses canter in three’s and gallop in four’s? Flies (of the holding your pants together variety) are sometimes left open, even on stage. Is this embarrassing? Back to picking noses (oh Jim!!?). Phone call (Jim’s Mum). Knock on the door (Jim’s flatmate). Song (Right Here).

Strange SMS received for Johnboy (absent once again) during show from ‘Green Poles’. It’s a mystery only he can resolve. The song we just heard (Right Here) was written by Julia about a guy she fancied who later rejected her in favour of a more masculine suitor (here Yo expresses her justifiable frustration at our inability to pay any attention to our guests). Does a guy sleeping with another guy necessarily mean he’s gay? Has Kandy A ever experimented with homosexual sex? He’s experimented, but only in chemistry class (God, couldn’t he find anywhere more private?). Should women, and men, have at least one homosexual sexual experience?

Song (Not Back Yet). Thinking wishfully, Jim thinks this passionate love song is written about him. Julia humours him. Gertrude and Kandy A’s Xmas boat trip out to Springbank island. Public nudity? What is a goon (for the benefit of our intellectual international audience)? Song (Goon). Say goodbye. The end.

Track List:

Knots in My Hair. 1:16
Wounded Soldiers. 10:40
Let Me Count the Ways. 22:34
Did I Say Let Go. 26:49
Right Here. 34:46
Not Back Yet. 42:31
Goon. 51:40

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