Chiffon #69. Sawrey



Last week has seen the beginning of another parliamentary year, and the big deal is the inclusion of a welcome to country ceremony and an apology, or not exactly an apology but an effort to say sorry but not for everything without the sorry and not so sorry that we want to sit around grieving with the injured but just sorry enough to want to move on and distance ourselves. Not that we are the guilty ones. Now every white, green and pink Australian who has voted for a government that has continually ignored this country”s unique legacies to promote their own version of How White We Are can hide behind this mechanism and not admit complicity in the whole affair.

Fucking gutless, that is what I think.

You know watching the ceremony I could not help but feel a sense of a theatre, nothing dramatic, just empty. My girlfriend and her mother, herself a Dungatti elder, cried not because sorry was a long time coming, but rather because of memories of having spent a childhood, nay a lifetime dodging authority, being transient and being aloof and watching out rather than enjoying country, learning culture, living life.
Australians are well aware of the genocides that have occurred in Cambodia, Nazi Germany and most other places, and how we are continually reminded about the Jewish thing. As to our opinions regarding our own heritage, let me just say we are so full of how good we think we are and too quick to pat ourselves on the back.

Luff Chiffon xxx

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