Review of Muse Gig: Frencham Smith

Frencham Smith @ The Merry Muse, Fri 8th Feb 2008

by Meg

The Merry Muse was packed out for the Frencham Smith gig, probably the fullest house I”ve seen at the Muse. I regret to admit that I missed the support acts, but apparently Rafe was among them and I”m sure Rafe entertained with his cheeky songs.

Frencham Smith put on a lovely show in all my favourite tones- sometimes Fred “themes” his gigs playing either a funny show, or a serious one. This gig was a happy balance of fun (with obligatory singalongs and dodgy “bogan” dancing) mixed up with moments of beauty and seriousness, like Liz Frencham”s trademark Jericho and one of my personal favourites but rarely played of Fred”s songs, the moving and vulnerable Song So Uncertain.

One of my co-attendees commented that she was a little disappointed that Liz Frencham didn”t take more of the spotlight and was playing more a background role, though personally I kind of expect Fred to hog the spotlight (and not complaining cos I think he”s thoroughly entertaining in doing so), but I did realize that one of the things that”s so great about these two as a duo is that they both bring equal parts of fun and beauty to the gig. They both know how to be funny and silly and entertaining at the right time and beautiful and serious and respectful at other times, so it doesn”t matter which one is in the lead, they both make you smile.

The only slight issue with the gig was the sound- they seemed to be experimenting around a single microphone, and I”m not sure it really worked, the balance of their voices just wasn”t quite right. But all in all, a lovely gig. I left feeling happy as I always do when I see either Fred or Liz play. I”m sure there will be many more now that Fred is officially back in town and I”m looking forward to the launch of the new album at Tilleys in May.

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