Sophie Haviland, Alex Asch, Mitchee the kid and Sharkie join regulars Jim Boots, John Boy, Gertrude and Kandy A, bringing a bag of Sophie and Alex’s songs, performed in-pod with collaborations aplenty. As usual tho, there’s plenty of banter.

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Johnboy is in trouble with the UN Secretary General AND former US President Bill Clinton, and we present a dinner party analogy to the recent Danish Mohammad cartoons hoohar, for your understanding. We discuss it quite a bit, actually, but eventually we get to THE SEDITION SONG.

Then we’re onto mice on fire, crayfish and the mechanical claw, which gets a bit, crowded, before Gertrude takes us away with WHAT DO YOU SAY, a song by the sassy young SOPHIE HAVILAND who we finally talk to, 30 mins in, her travels, and from her last Aussie trip this studio recorded gem PROOF OF LOVE.

There is more raucus discussion (verbal melee) relating to kangaroo lips, and America’s role in doing-in Les Darcy, Phar Lap and celebrity kangaroos. Horse racing and boxing, did we mention Mitchee da Kid is in da house?

Naomi Watts wanders around naked while Sam Neil takes a dump out the back (1 degree of separation, take that Kevin Bacon!), this sort of thing is becoming all to common in our Pod. A bit of a run down of Naomi’s career, and the films of David Lynch, and we finish with Sophie’s song BUY YOU A TICKET, apt given her immigration woes, a bit messy, but songs that are moving and dear to us, here, for you, enjoy.

Track list

Song of Sedition. 20:40
What Do You Say. 28:38
Proof of Love. 34:30
Buy You a Ticket. 47:34

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