What is Culturazi?

Culturazi: tickling Canberra’s underbelly since 2004

Culturazi is a loose collective of artists, writers and musicians operating from Canberra, Australia. Because of our diverse interests, the site serves three main functions. First it is designed to act as a blog, a diary of the weird, sad, ugly, and beautiful world as it appears to the authors. We have no pretence at impartiality. Our views are passionately held and will be expressed without fear but with fervour.

The second purpose of the site is as a window on Canberra, its artists, musical and otherwise, and its “culture”. We desire community and welcome contributions from locals in this regard. We aim to bring Canberra’s artistic community together with its audience through establishing information networks and promoting of events.

To that end we have established an on-line gig-guide which is regularly updated with the best of Canberra’s live music events, supplemented by a weekly email newsletter of the same (if you’d like to receive it, please email us). We also run a monthly concert in our back yard, the Backyard Backanalia, which you can find out about from the Culturazi email.

Then of course there’s Insatiable Banalities: The Podcast, our (nearly) weekly radio show (co-produced with The RiotACT), most of which feature an interview and live recording of a local band, and our very useful ‘Canberra Bands and Venues‘ links page (if you want to be on there, email us).

The third purpose of the site is as a gallery of work by the authors. If you are interested in any such work as appears, feel free to request contact with the artist.

With regard to copyright, we respect intellectual property rights and will endeavour to obtain permission and provide credit where it is due. In cases where copyright ownership details are unavailable, we will, if the content merits, post without credit, and withdraw immediately upon receipt of convincing proof of ownership.