Backyard Backanalia

The Backyard Backanalia is a monthly one-night music festival run for members of the Canberra Musicians Club. It’s held in a back yard in Canberra once a month in the warmer part of the year (Sep-May). It is not openly advertised. If you’d like to attend, email us.

The purpose of the BBs is to provide an alternative venue to showcase Canberra’s brilliant performing artists. They are family friendly and we hope to generate a ‘community’ feel. Below you’ll find details of the next show. Scroll down further to see stills and videos of past shows and past line-ups.

Upcoming show(s):

Sat 3rd November
The Gordons, Arbori Music, Sammy Conscious, Pablo the Clown, Buck et Al, Little Bighorn, and probably more…

The Backanalia Archives

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Past shows:

Saturday 16th April 2011, 5-11pm
Mr Fibby, The Ellis Collective, The Fuelers, Dubba Rukki, Son of Rut

Saturday 19th March 2011, 5-11pm
Mudpie Princess, The Cashews, Fire on the Hill, Dub Dub Goose, Nozl, The Burley Griffin

Saturday 26th February 2011, 5-11pm
Cat Dog Monkey, Jude Kohn, Knismesis, James Fahy and His Trio, The Hatty Fatners, Doctor Stovepipe

Australianalia!! Tuesday 25th January 2011, 6-11pm
Brass’ere, Son of Rut, Drew Walky, Rach Green, Fun Machine, Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens

Saturday 18th December 2010, 5-11pm – CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN
Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens, Cathy Petocz, Simone Penkethman, Chanel Cole, The Monotremes, The Ellis Collective

Saturday 20th November 2010, 5-11pm
Alice Cottee, The Ne’er Do Wells, Beth’n’Ben, CC Thornley, Den Hanrahan, The Wedded Bliss, Dubba Rukki, Big Score.

Saturday 23rd October 2010, 5-9pm – CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN
Ernie Van Veen, The Argonaut, Dylan Hakemian, Cherie Kotek, Cuddlefish

Saturday 25th September 2010, 3-7pm
Lady Grey, Joe Oppenheimer, Fun Machine, Jason Recliner, Rafe Morris

Saturday 1st May 2010, 5-10pm

Sanjiva de Silva (with Hashemoto), Readable Graffiti, Jude Kohn, From the South, Brass’ere, Voss, Margaret Helen King

Saturday 27th Mar 2010, 6-11pm

Simone Penkethman, Jason Recliner, The Cashews, Matt Dent, Los Capitanes, Courtney Barnett (see pics)

Saturday 20th Feb 2010, 7-11pm
Marji Curran Trio, Clankenstein, Haunted Attics, Hashemoto, plus Bad!Slamming! poets, Tim Kent, Anthony Hayes, Tomas and Josh Inman

Saturday, 30th Jan 2010, 6-11pm
Night Parrots, Judith Kohn, Los Chavos, Joe Oppenheimer, Fun Machine, James Fahey Trio, Lotzi and Friends

New Years Eve 2009, midday to midday New Years Day
The Bluffhearts, Margaret Helen King, Jason Recliner, Andy Walker, Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens, Night Parrots, The Drunk Uncles, Fire on the Hill, Owen Campbell, From the South, Cuddlefish

Saturday 5th Dec 2009, 6-11pm
Guillaume, Rafe, Juliet Ward, The Dirriwan Trio, Second Sun, Ben and Beth

Saturday 7th Nov 2009, 6-11pm
Joe Oppenheimer, Anarchist Duck, Big Score, Dr Stovepipe, Owen Campbell, The Rooftop Revellers, Fire on the Hill

Saturday 3rd Oct 2009, 6-10pm CANCELLED due to weather
Ben Drysdale and Beth Monzo, Little Sister, Jason Recliner, Matt Dent and The Real Men, The Glaciers…

Saturday 7th Sep 2009, 4-8pm
Johnny Huckle, Magic Rob, Juliet Ward, Margaret Helen King, Simone Penkethman, Aaron Peacey, The Drunk Uncles

Saturday 2nd May 2009
The Wedded Bliss, Simone Penkethman, Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens, Dr Stovepipe and Fun Machine.

Saturday 7th March 2009
Basic Shape, Bridie Hill, Little Sister, LLoyd Allison-Young, Bec Taylor

Saturday 7th Feb 2009, the ‘Little Tackanalia’ at Dickson Pool
The Cashews, Sanji de Silva, Jeff and The Co-op Kids Choir, Teddy Conrick

Saturday 17 Jan 2009
The Fuelers, The Cashews, Fire on the Hill, Lachlan Coventry, Johnny Huckle, The Bluffhearts

Saturday 20th Dec 2008
Kara Youngentob, Magic Rob, Lloyd Allison-Young, Teddy Conrick, Owen Campbell, Andrew Walker, Hashemoto, Sanjiva de Silva

Frockanalia!! Winter Solstice, Sat 21st June 2008, 1-5pm
Alison Procter, Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens, Lettuce Play, Juliet Ward, Chanel Cole, Glacier Girls, Cathy Petocz, Olivia Bartley, Ashley

Saturday 29th March 2008
Andi and George Band, Dahahoo, Margaret Helen King, Jordan Best, Fred Smith, Cathy Petocz, Manas Blackman (on the chaturangui), ACT Bluebells Cheerleaders.

Saturday 23rd Feb 2008 (new venue in Ainslie)
Cyclone Rangers, Fire on the Hill, The Cashews, Jordan Best, Mechanical Pterodactyl, Matilda, Matt Dent, Ben Drysdale

Australianalia!! Saturday 26th Jan 2008 (last show in Reid)
Dan Banks Band, Tom Woodward, Basic Shape, Phil Moriarty and The Troubles, Rafe, Sanjiva de Silva, Pete Hayes tribute to the late Stevie Plunder (with Cuddlefish)

Saturday 22nd Dec 2007
Katyusha, Haunted Attics, Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens, Ocean Moses, Big Score, Owen Campbell, Beth Monzo, Friendly Yen. 7-11pm.

Saturday 24th Nov 2007. Election Night Special (Electionalia)
PJ Wolf, The Cashews, The O’Hooligans, Juliet Ward, Ivory Hollow, One Foot in the Gravy, Sunday Best, Budapest Fringe and Slim Pickens and Round John Virgin. 7-11pm

Saturday 3rd Nov 2007
Jordan Best, Rafe, Cyclone Rangers, Big Score, Smitten, Slim Pickens and Round John Virgin, Ocean Moses. Sadly cancelled due to inclement weather.

Saturday 20th Oct 2007
We put on a show at a house in O’Connor
The Wedded Bliss, Hashemoto, The Ellis Collective, The O’Hooligans, Sanjiva de Silva, Marianne and Jonathan Mettes, Matt Dent, two comedians (Georgie and Toby Halligan). See pics.

Saturday 5th May 2007: The Best of the Backyard Backanalia
The BB moved for one night only to the Australian Choreographic Centre Theatre, Gorman House, for a finale concert featuring the best (as voted by the audience) of all the acts to appear at the Backanalia over the last two years. It featured: Julia Johnson (solo), Hashemoto, Australian Kingswood Factory, Sanjiva de Silva, The Cyclone Rangers, The Cashews, Fire on the Hill, Dahahoo, a poem by Nivian and circus troupe Schmick As. (pics)

Saturday 31st March 2007
Alma Latina (Latin choir/band), Matty Ellis, Randall Blair and the Wedded Bliss, The O’Hooligans, Plug, Lettuce Play, Schmick As, Juliet Ward. See pics.

Saturday 3rd March 2007
Dr Stovepipe, The Fuelers, Fire on the Hill,Dahahoo, Hashemoto. See pics.

Saturday 3rd February 2007
Dubba Rukki, Dan Banks Band, Fiona Bolton, Australian Kingswood Factory, Beth Monzo, Cyclone Rangers. See pics.

Saturday 6th January 2007
Slim Pickens and Round John Virgin, Smitten, The Cashews, Julia and Deep Sea Sirens, Quagmire, Ocean Moses. See pics.

Saturday 2nd December 2006
Samantha Davidson, Owen Campbell, Schmick As, Sanji de Silva, The Lavans. See pics.

Saturday 4th November 2006
Broken Peg, V.3. Matt Dent & Jorge Bontes, Rays Train, Fire on the Hill